About Yuboto

Yuboto is a leading developer and provider of integrated cutting-edge mobile marketing services and advanced telecommunication solutions.

Yuboto’s portfolio consists of a wide range of mobile marketing channels and mobile services such as SMS, mms+, mobile ticketing, couponing, loyalty, cards and innovative telecommunication solutions such as Click2Call®, VoIP and Autodialer.

Yuboto’s core competency and competitive advantage derives from the fact that each one of its services and solutions can be deployed either as a standalone service or as an integrated solution to the clients’ ICT infrastructure.

Additionally, developing its services and solutions in-house, Yuboto has the ability to tailor make or adjust its services and solutions to meet the clients’ sophisticated mobile advertising and telecommunication needs.

If you are looking for a strategic mobile marketing partner who can realize from A to Z targeted, measurable and effective campaigns and provide 24/7 technical support, Yuboto is the one you should call right now!