1. Cookie Policy
    Yuboto Telephony Eshop uses cookies to provide proper function of and improve users’ experience. Here, you can learn what cookies are, which cookies our site uses and how to disable them.

  2. What are Cookies?
    Cookies are small text files which are stored through the browser on a user's computer. They do not hold any document or file from the users’ computers and are only used to ensure user access in specific content on the website visited or for statistical purposes such as areas of interest, popular sections and useful subpages. Cookies help websites recognize visitors and "remember" specific information, actions and preferences to make navigation easier. Additionally, cookies allow the analysis of the website performance and contribute in troubleshoot procedures. They also help websites customize the content displayed and tailor their advertisements.

  3. Cookies are divided into two main categories:
    1. Session cookies
      They remain on the users’ device until they leave the website.
    2. Persistent cookies:
      They remain on the users’ device for a longer period of time or until the user deletes them. The time these cookies remain on the users’ device depends on their expiration period and browser settings.

    Cookies are stored on the user's device only if he/she gives his/hers consent. In case you decide not to accept them, our website may not function properly.

  4. Which Cookies does Yuboto Telephony Eshop use?
    1. Basic - Essential Cookies
      These cookies are essential for the proper function of our website. They allow you to browse it and use its features, while improving the overall navigation experience.

    2. Performance Cookies
      Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use the website, for example which pages are most frequently visited and error messages users may receive. The collection of this information is solely used for improving the performance of

    3. Targeting/Advertising Cookies
      Targeting cookies are used to deliver targeted advertisements or informative notifications relevant to the visitors’ preferences. They are used to deliver ads and/or exclusive offers via Newsletters, to limit the time of ads displayed or to measure the effectiveness of a specific advertising campaign. Our website uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords to extract statistics, so we may create customized promotional content, and measure specific performance metrics.

  5. What information does Yuboto Telephony Eshop collect?
    The information collected by the use of cookies is processed and stored exclusively as anonymous statistical data. These non-personal data cannot identify any individual visitor. Furthermore, Yuboto Telephony Eshop does not share the data collected using Cookies.

  6. How to Disable Cookies
    If you wish to delete cookies or disable their use o, then follow the instructions of the browser you use:
    In case you use a different browser, we advise you to follow the instructions of its provider.